Frequently Asked Questions
Where is your shop located?
Right now, Teacups and Teddy Bears is mobile-only. That means we come to your home and bring you the party. We hope to open a shop sometime in the next year, so please join our newletter email list for updates. Every mobile party we do contributes to the opening of our shop!

How much space do I need to provide in my home for the party?
A table and chairs, and some space in your living room or family room is sufficient.

How do I book a party?
You can call us at 559-324-0723
or use the form on this website .
We will contact you to confirm the availability of your perferred date, and take the information we need to prepare your party and send your invitations.
Once confirmation has been made, we ask that you sign our party contract and pay the $150.00 deposit as soon as possible to hold the date.
We will give you payment options with your party contract.

What if I book a party but my daughter gets sick?
Unfortunately, this occasionally happens, and it is very disappointing for the Birthday Girl!
Just let us know as soon as possible, and we will reschedule your party.
If you cancel the party within 2 weeks of the party date, your deposit is nonrefundable, but we can reschedule your date so your daughter doesn't have to miss out on her special party.

How far in advance should I book my party?
We recommend 4 to 6 weeks advance booking. This gives us time to prepare your party, order your supplies, create your invitations, and send them to your guests with enough notice for them to put your party on their calendars.

Can I hold the party in a park or backyard?
If weather permits, we are happy to host Teddy Bear Parties outside. Princess Parties can sometimes be held in a backyard, but we can't safely supervise children around playground equipment and dress-up gowns are not to be worn on playground equipment or over grass.

Do you send Princess Characters to the party?
No. Teacups and Teddy Bears doesn't employ  princess characters.
The guests at the party become princesses themselves at the party.
If you would like to add a Character to your party, we are happy to incorporate that Character into your party, but you would need to arrange that with the entertainment company you choose. 

What happens if someone breaks a teacup or something at the party?
Incredibly, we've never had a child break a teacup! But if it happens we would charge a reasonable replacement value for the broken item. If costumes are torn or stained, the same policy applies. In five years of Tea Parties, we haven't yet had to charge a damage fee.

Do you have a way to pay that would make it easier on my budget?
If you are concerned about costs, consider our "Lay-a-way-a-Party" option.
Simply choose your theme, and request "lay-a-way" while booking.
We will estimate your total cost, break it into bi-weekly or monthly payments, and you can pay in smaller amounts while we hold your date.
Lay-a-way-a-Party plans should be booked 8 or more weeks in advance.
Final payment must be made on or before the day of the party.

Can I buy one of your beautiful princess gowns for my Birthday Girl?
Yes, of course! Teacups and Teddy Bears is a registered retailer for these beautiful gowns.
Most gowns are $39.99.​

Do we get to keep the gowns?
We are happy to sell you as many gowns as you'd like, but the cost of the party includes rental of the gowns only.