Vintage Tea Party in a Box

Our Vintage Tea Party has been the special-tea of Teacups and Teddy Bears since we first opened our Tea Party Service in Florida in 2001, and we especially love this party!

Having tea together has been a social ritual and tradition all over the world since civilization began, and it's still one of the best ways to promote friendship among girls and women today. 

We custom-plan your Vintage Tea Party according to the ages of your guests. A two or three year old little girls' tea party might include bringing their own teddy bears to a Teddy Bear Tea Party or Teddy Bear Picnic. For Children ages 4-7, a Princess Tea Party is especially fun and popular. Girls ages 8 and above will enjoy our more craft-oriented Vintage Tea Party. And grown ups will enjoy a Tea Party for special occasions like a Bridal Shower, Baby Shower, Mother's Day celebration, or get-together with their granddaughters.

Need some ideas? Kymberly is available for consultations. Please email a good time for a phone conversation, or just ask your questions by email at:


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