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Custom Parties

Custom Planned Birthday Parties and Events

Shipped Across the USA

Everything you need for a unique Birthday Party or Shower.
Teacups and Teddy Bears offers a selection of party themes to make the planning easy for you.
Just select one of our themes, receive your party box in the mail, and pick up a few refreshments.
Then pull out your camera and get ready to record the fun.

Vintage Tea Party in a Box

Tea Parties are our most popular theme.

They can accommodate groups of any age or size.

Birthday Parties, Showers, Mother-Daughter Tea Parties, Christmas Tea Parties, Alice in Wonderland, Easter or Mother's Day.

Priced per person.

Vintage Tea Party in a Box
Vintage Tea Party in a Box Order Form

Create-a-Bear Party in a Box

Bear Parties are versatile fun for everyone.

Choose your child's favorite animal (Cat, Dog, Panda, Horse, Fox, Unicorn, Dragon, Dinosaur) and we'll plan a party themed around the animal.

All parties come with tableware, menu suggestions and recipes, Email invitations, and for each guest: a stuffable animal they can stuff themselves, stuffing, a birth certificate and star.

Add outfits for your animals for an additional charge.

Party Boxes are priced per person.

Create-a-Bear Party in a Box

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 Princess Party in a Box

Princess Parties are wonderful fun for younger girls.
Dress up in your princess costume, Craft crowns or jewelry, Play Princess Games and have a Royal Feast.
Princess Parties are fun with Tea as well.
Priced per guest.
Princess Party in a Box