Ballerina Bunny Book and Bear Box

2.5 lb

If your little girl loves to dress up in dance shoes and tutus, she will be thrilled with our latest Book and Bear Special Edition Box.

We've teamed up with Julia Pearson, author of Miss Juju and Her Tutu to bring you a very special Ballerina Bunny Box. This box also includes a ballerina outfit for your new Bunny friend to wear!

Chapter Book also available for girls ages 8 and up. Our selection: Noel Streatfeild's classic Ballet Shoes.

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White Bunny is 14" tall and comes with fluff for stuffing, a purple heart to wish upon, adoption papers, a zipper closure (no sewing) and a Pink Ballerina Outfit!

Mini Pink Bunny is 8" tall and comes with fluff, heart, adoption papers, a velcro and ziptie closure (no sewing) and a rainbow tutu.

Either Bunny comes with your choice of Picture Book or Chapter Book.