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Luminous LED Light Plush Bear Plays Your Music

Regular price $34.99

How nice it would be to uplift the mood with something soft, colorful, comforting and bright? It's perfect for anyone, kids will fall asleep easier dreaming about the stars, adults will enjoy the warm stress relieving light after a long day of work. Also, you can play music through the built-in speaker.

Built-in speaker, you can enjoy music with it.
It will gently brighten up your dark room and slowly and randomly change 7 pastel colors.
This color changing LED pillow is the perfect item, warm the atmosphere before you fall asleep or when you rest. 
It changes colors and will be very beautiful at night, helping children to feel safe in the dark.

Material: plush and PP cotton
Colors: white, pink, blue, yellow (optional) 
Battery: 3 x AA battery (not included)
Item size: 19.69" x  13.78" x 7.09"

1. Batteries are needed, but not included.
2. It's not washable.
3. Turn on the button and pat the bear, it will glow. And you need to connect it to your phone to play music.